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IT Solutions

What has changed in the past decade which you had hardly imagined it really would. You may have guessed right if you have read the lines from the other way round. Yes. The success of your business is no longer limited to the traditional pillars of development and marketing sitting right back in your couch. You have to produce the intent not just back home but you have to hunt down the possibilities that were previously mere probabilities. I.T solution is one such magic wand which has mechanised the manual, and analysed the incomprehensible. Zenfinet has by far exceeded its own difficulties of yester years riding on the growth of I.T solutions and implementing the judicious solution itself to surge forward on the growth curve with some suave. The focus has been on the following features of IT solutions that are implemented across the globe:
• Real Value addition
• Client and Employee satisfaction
• Service Quality
We have presented ourselves more as consultant rather than a sales man guiding you into some dealings. IT is a world changing solution presenter if applied correctly. We have devised a scientific approach to our implementation process and we look forward to coordinate with you to produce an agile think-tank environment that can produce results using the parcels of technology, consultation, training, evaluation services and most importantly after-sales support.

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Staffing Solutions

The old man says, if you hire right you build right. That is exactly our themeof Zenfinet. Horses for the races keep you always ahead in the race. Zenfinet has a mechanism of staff selection – hand picking the right guy for the right job. There is no sampling and there is no hurry. We stop not until we find the right person with the right qualities that you desire. No compromise on the selection of your employee can lead you to peace of mind. Just a like product if manufactured right it’s after sales hassles are limited, similarly once a person is hired right the ability for the firm to perform increases considerably. Less liabilities are proven through a strict hiring guideline. We have experienced professional from multi domains of business including analysts to delivery managers who have tons of experience in their kitty to see right through the person up for hire. Zenfinet has been looking forward to hiring professionals for its clients from multi domain businesses and there has been commendable success through our newly created cell of Personnel Management. Online assessment and specific selection procedure of Zenfinet would help you to amass a right work force that you will love to retain.

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BPO Solutions

Zenfinet has made its place in Business Process Outsourcing provider league with numerous years of on field experience. Our impeccable track record along with performing service provider due diligence coupled with enviable capability in process domain make us your most chosen destination. Over the years Zenfinet has emerged as the strategic differentiator in global market place for business process services. Reduced transaction costs has pushed us to cater large volumes by precise optimization of process efficiency. Zenfinet has grown from strength to strength focusing on scalability and quality of service provided. Proven leadership and a battery of skilled professionals who can provide round the hour support, would let your business thrive in a borderless economy.

Zenfinet BPO services – voice Process is directed towards enabling professionals to collaborate with contacts and customers to accomplish the assignments. The operative carrying out the process handling are provided with refurbished information of our clients all over the world. The in-house research and back end tasks are carried out by Zenfinet Managers and supervisors in tandem. Zenfinet covers a wide array of voice process handling domains, which range from tele-sales, 3-level technical support, customer loyalty program and business research and surveys.

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Corporate Training

We redefine your targets and design a training curriculum focused to your organizational requirements. Our services pan from planning existing courses to developing a curriculum for your corporate house. Zenfinet couples with our clients to design, develop and deliver a comprehensive curriculum that does not squeeze your purse and still makes the desired impact on your organization. Our performance over the years with potential recruits from various diaspora of the business has yielded some startling facts. We have enhanced and tweaked our existing training curricula and adjusted to the ever changing demands of our clients. The end product is a perfect seamless training bridge that safely rescues your hired workforce from a sea of challenges to a confident strong ship that can weather any storm that your company may look to face.
Zenfinet offers the following training related services to our customers:
• Delivery based training
• Soft Skill development regime
• Custom Training plan
• Skill development
• Contract labour
• Leadership and discipline enhancing skills

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